Monday, October 26, 2015

The Best Classroom Pencil Sharpener!!!

Last September I reviewed a wonderful pencil sharpener.  
You can find my full review here.  

Just as an update to that review, I would like to report that the pencil sharpener is still going strong.  I am now the only one to use it.  It is so much fun to use that the kids used it too much, and the things that hold the pencil in place wore the paint off the pencils, and made them yucky.   
I do not sharpen as often as the children, so the pencils are all lovely and sharp now.  

I do have this trusty blue sharpener at school, and the pretty pink one at home.  But as of today, I have the newest color..... Purple!

The great people at Classroom Friendly Supplies put the color out to vote, and purple won! I am so excited for this beautiful purple pencil sharpener.  It does look a little yellow in the photo because of the wood and flash, sorry about that.  

Now the real question is what location to keep my new sharpener in....and you should go visit Classroom Friendly Supplies to check out the color that would be perfect in your classroom.

*Disclaimer, I was provided a pencil sharpener for my honest review.  I really do use the blue sharpener in my classroom and have gotten rid of all other sharpeners including the electric ones. 

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