Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TPT Sellers Challenge: Makeover Madness

I have been in the biggest blogging, TPT, social media funk!!! I had my spark in the classroom, but the spring did me in as far as everything else.  This challenge is the perfect thing to inspire me.  I made over my product yesterday and had so much fun doing it. Hopefully this will lead to a very productive summer.

I chose to makeover my Winter Contraction Activity, I figured with the heat of the summer it would be nice to work on a "cold" item.  Here is the image I will be posting on Instagram to show my changes.  I love how the new one looks, the colors and graphics are so much cuter.  

Here is the original product, it was a good center activity that my class loved!  It was just one of my earlier products and I knew I had the perfect clipart to make it better.

Here is the preview of my updated product.  I changed up the clipart and backgrounds, I also added a black and white version.  I have started adding black and white versions to all my products.  I find it useful to have them and print on colored card stock.  Hopefully they will be a benefit to others as well.

One other part of the challenge is to see how the challenge helps you grow.  Here are my beginning stats, lets see if I can get more followers as I get my mojo back.

 A huge thanks to Sparkling in Second, Peppy Zesty Teacherista, Third in Hollywood, and Teach Create Motivate for starting this challenge and helping so many get back on track this summer!


  1. Nice job, Sara! I like the way your clip art on the cover is much bigger. I think that makes it much more appealing on Pinterest, too (for some reason)!

  2. What a difference it makes!

  3. I love it! The snowmen are so cute in the makeover product! I love the chevron background that you have added to the product! Great job!

  4. Love the update! The larger images on your cover do make a difference. Great job:)

  5. Melonheadz was a good choice! :o)

  6. I like your idea of working on a cold item when it's hot out! Looks great!

  7. SO CUTE! Love the new clip art! I also like that you added ink-friendly, black and white pages. I've started doing that when I update some of my products, too.

    School and the City

  8. LOVE the new cover!! I also love the new clipart! Everything looks more fresh! :)


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