Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener

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I absolutely love this pencil sharpener! I must be up front, I did receive a sharpener to "test" I also purchased one as well. I did buy one of the look a likes off of Amazon a few years ago and I must say this one is so much better. There are many things I love about this sharpener, but not everything!

This sharpener leaves the best points on a pencil that I have ever seen.  It is easy to sharpen with the pencil sharpener, and yes it is super quiet.  In fact I have removed all of my electric pencil sharpeners from my room.  We now have a communal cart with some supplies and the pencils are on top. 
I have all the pencils in the straw dispenser and they go in the PEZ bucket at the end of the day or when they need sharpening.
This sharpener is completely kid friendly.  I used to allow my students to use the sharpener, but it is now just me for a couple of reasons.  One is that giant black smudge that got everywhere when they did it.  I get the black smudge as well but not as much.  I think it may because I don't use the clamp that came with the sharpener, I am not sure.  I just didn't have a good location to clamp it down.  

The other reason my students don't sharpen any more is because if the divots the pencil sharpener makes in the pencils.  It does this because it clamps onto the pencil so it sharpens nicely.  The problem was when my students tried to get the pencils in out out, they often would pull instead of using the release and it made the divots more pronounced so the paint was chipping.  This was very irritating.  However, since I started sharpening the divots are there but less noticeable. 

Overall I would recommend this sharpener to anyone, any time, any place.  In fact my grade partner has already purchased one, of course she forgot to use my referral link, but thats ok she didn't know I had the link.  She was borrowing mine all the time and she loves it as well. I am very happy with the way pencils are in my room this year, and I am happier now that I get to play with the pencil sharpener instead of my students :)

If you would like one please click here so I can get credit on the referral link.  Thank you so much!

Oh one more thing, they also have excellent customer service, and a FAQ page with video tutorials. Overall a great company to work with.  

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