Friday, September 26, 2014

Five For Friday- September 25

I'm back! Hopefully we have calmed down enough that I can be back on a regular basis.  Lets just say going from no routine, to routine was a little bit crazy this year.  Most of the items in this post are from this past week, well all but my slant box because I hadn't blogged about it until now.  Also check out the blog on Saturday because I have a review on The Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener.

(One) Last Friday we had no school because of the carnival being set up.  The carnival ran Friday-Sunday, so the kids had off and we had an inservice.  Now they don't wait until Friday to set up and test the rides.  As you can see from this picture those are my students watching them test a ride right outside the classroom window.  Needless to say we didn't get that much done on Thursday.  I had trouble focusing with all the excitement, plus the kids were a little excited as well. 

Of course I went to the carnival on Friday night, and of course they handed me a microphone.  They love when I sell the 50/50 tickets.  We did have a lot of fun :)

(Two) Our first Scholastic book order came in this week, and I got the 10,000 bonus points!  I have never had a class order enough to get the biggest bonus they offer, and this year I got well over the $300, they were around $375.  I hope they order like this all year, I am trying to get the iPods for our listen to reading time!

(Three) I got this lovely package from Mandee all about Carolinas, and some items of her college colors.  I love participating in the slant box and "meeting" new people.  I got to send a box all about Newtown to Lindsay at Thriving in Third if you have a chance check out her site she also creates blog designs.  She did the design for Jameson, who organizes the slant box exchange, her site is Lessons With Coffee.

(Four) I just figured this handy trick out today.  We have clear plastic rulers in my classroom and we were using them as a number line.  I do not have number lines on the desk because they get picked off and gross, plus I don't want them to have them all the time.  However we were learning the count back strategy and figured out we can write on the ruler and wipe it right off.  I was going to copy some number lines and laminate them, but this worked so nicely! 

(Five) I posted this picture on my Wordless Wednesday this week and I had many of you ask about it.  I was trying to color the glue so I can put it in the laminating pouches and have a stained glass look.  If you scroll up to the carnival picture you can see the crosses in the window, they were done with tissue paper and the laminator.  The only problem is that they fade, I was told the glue would work fine.

So I put the markers in the glue and spread it on the laminating pouch, not too close to the edge.  I then closed the pouch (I put the glue bottles around so you can see them) I waited for it to dry a few minutes.  I then placed it in the laminator.  Well if you see it came out clear, and it did get all over the laminator, major FAIL.  I needed to run some other paper through the laminator to get all the glue out, but it isn't broken :) I am bummed it didn't work. 
Does anyone have any ideas of how to get the stained glass look where it won't fade? Or any ideas as to what I can do with all the colored glue?

Thats my week, it has been fun! I am excited to meet some bloggers this weekend at the New England Meet up in Boston.  
Visit Doodle Bugs Teaching to see how everyones week has gone! 

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