Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently September

Happy Labor Day everyone! I am linking up this morning with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for this months Currently.

Listening: I am listening to my air conditioner, hopefully next month it can be something different!

Loving: I love being at school.  Don't get me wrong I do enjoy my summers off, however there is nothing like having a routine for each day.  Not to mention I miss my kids, after a while.

Thinking: I just finished summer vacation, how do I still have a huge to do list? I guess being out of a routine allows you to slack.

Wanting: I want a new printer.  I tried using the continuous ink system over the was a disaster.  I went through 3 ink systems and 2 printers! The systems worked until I needed to push the reset buttons because it thought I was out of ink.  Then they stopped reading that there was even cyan ink in there.  The last one the yellow just streaked so terribly.  I gave up.  Luckily I was printing so much for back to school that all these problems occurred during Amazons return window.  So I did get to print a lot in color.  Once I get paid again I am going to grab a printer and the replacement ink I found for 10 for $20, I figure thats cheap enough for me :)

Needing: I need to fix my lessons plans, most the stuff is from last week, because lets be honest, we didn't do half of it in the first 3 days of school.  However we did build our stamina to 11 minutes!!!

3 Trips: My friend talks about his trips to Bermuda and how he wants to go back, I would love to go with him.  I would like to see the Grand Canyon, and visit Europe.  I have already visited Italy, but there is so much to see in Europe.

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  1. I too went through a ton of ink this month. I didn't have printer problems other than after spending hours setting ours up wirelessly, when we turned it off, it disconnected...back to cord life for me. Where did you get inexpensive ink? I spent over $30 yesterday because my printer said it was low only to print everything else last night before changing cartridges. I think it is a ploy by HP! Then I finished my lesson plans for this week...week one for us.
    Kovescence of the Mind

  2. A new printer can be a life-changing experience, lol!
    I switched to a FASTER one that took less expensive in and it was inexpensive!
    I haven't been that many places, but I've been to Bermuda twice! Simply gorgeous :)


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