Friday, August 22, 2014

Five For Friday- Last Week of Summer!!!

So this is the end of summer, everyone seems sad, but I am happy!!! Don't get me wrong, I do like summer, but I love teaching and I miss it in the summer.  I have been back to school a lot already getting things done, but there is nothing like teaching.  Here are five random things from this past week.

Last Friday night we had our championship game, and we won!!! The reason we all have five fingers held up instead of one is because this is our 5th year winning the league. This is a summer league so it is great, it starts after school gets out, and ends before we go back, it is so much fun, I enjoy my summer softball!

One of my favorite things about summer is watermelon, so when I saw they had them in the Jamberry nail things I had to get them.  Of course I did something wrong and the nail only lasted a day, I guess I will have to try again.  I did get the alphabet to put on for the first day of school, hopefully I do it right this time!

My classroom looks ready for my students, I say that because there is always "more" to do.  But, if the kids were in tomorrow it would be just fine.  You can see my classroom reveal in one of my earlier post this week.  It feel so good having my room "set".

I went shopping for my SLANT box this week.  The theme is hometown, what better store to shop in for items about Newtown!  I hope my partner likes what I found :)

Lastly this week is my poor spider plant.  The picture on the left was taken Wednesday, when I realized the poor thing looked all wilted and dead,  I kept forgetting about it all summer.  I watered it and hoped it would bounce back, on Thursday it looked all healthy again.  I guess you really can't kill one of these plants, and its a good thing because this one is special.  A boy from my class gave it to me as an end of the year gift, he is taking a baby from the plant he got in Kindergarten and giving it to the teachers as he goes through the school, I didn't want to kill his second grade connection! I also think it may need a bigger pot soon.  I am so bad at keeping plants alive, that is why I never had one in my classroom, I have a black thumb.  I did make plants a job this year, so hopefully the kids will keep it alive!

Thats it for my Five For Friday, next week I will have school pictures! Stop by to see what everyone else was up to this week. 

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  1. I like the crates you have in your classroom, set up to look like a bookcase! How do you keep them together? Zipties?



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