Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Classroom Reveal

 Today I am linking up with Bloghoppin' for my Classroom Reveal!!!

As of today, this is what my classroom looks like.  The kids don't come back until the 27th so it may change.

If you were to stand at the door and look to the back this is what you would see.

If you looked at the front this is what you would see.

If you were to look just at the side wall it would look like this.

The wall opposite this wall is just windows, I forgot to take a picture of it, but you can see part of it in the classroom panoramic shots at the end.  Now for some of the details!

The numbers are from Cara Carroll and you can get them here.  The ABCs of Character are from Nicole Swisher, you can get them here.  I love the details in both of these, the students will get so much more than just the number and letter!

This is the dismissal chart I made, you can see it on this Monday Made It Post, under it I have a sign telling all the numbers in case someone needs to know a students number.  Next to that I have the calendar, my job chart, and the "mail".  You can read more about the job chart here

Here is a side view of that wall, you can see my Live the Message of Jesus board, that is our school motto.  You can see our class journals and white boards in this picture.  The white on the board is just contact paper from Go Write,  I just put it up and am hoping it works as good as the reviews said.  I can't use chalk because of my asthma.   The little white board on the ledge is our must do board.

This is the writing board, I got it from Mel D-Seusstastic you can get it here.  There are many writing activities, I am going to switch the 5 as the year goes on. In the pink and blue crates I have my picture books, fiction is on top and non fiction is on the bottom.  In the orange and purple crates are the leveled readers. 

The rack holds my word work area, and bins for Language arts.  It also has the bins for the students Interactive Reading Notebooks.  Next to the rack is a table, on the top is the bin of clipboards, under it is the unfinished work bin.  The top 2 shelves of the rack are for my teacher storage.  Those are all of my chapter books.  In the last pictures you can see my closet door and front door, I included them so you can see the blue writing on them.  It is hard to see in the picture but one door says horizontal along the top and vertical down the side, the other says row across the top and column down the side. 

This is my timeline, I love this timeline inspired by my class last year.  On the top is the covers of the Who Is books, we have the entire series ( I have a shopping problem), under the cover you can see on the timeline when they were born and when they died.  Every inch is 10 years.  Under the timeline on the shelves are the student book bins, and their reading books. On the bottom shelf there are toys, and items for math.

This is my teacher area, my desk is always completely cleaned off at the end of the day.  I like to work on an empty surface, behind my desk is what I call my hole.  Behind the curtain are extra supplies, teacher items, student files, etc... In the open you can see my teacher toolbox, some manuals, special games and activities, and some select books. If you look closely you can see the doggie bottom I got from IKEA, I hang my keys on the tail.

This is where my computer is, also on the desk are my daily bins where I keep the copies for the day. On this board I put some more of the GoWrite white board contact paper and added the word reminders.  The blue circles are dry erase as well, one is for the date, another is for our class mascot Julian's message, and the other is for whatever I decide.  Above that chalkboard I have my birthdays.

I picked up this shoe rack this summer and decided to make it an area by my smart board.  In the first section the turn in bin is on top and the black bins are for Science/Social Studies Interactive Notebooks.  The next 2 sections hold the bins for math centers, the math games, and bins for the Interactive Math Notebooks.  Above that I have my Math focus wall that still needs to be finished.  On the shelves under Mary, I have some reading items, a holy book shelf, my lost and found, and the tissues.  In the white crate on the floor I have all of my listening library.

I forgot to take a picture of my guided reading table and the way I stood for the panoramic picture you cant see it. You can see some of the windows but I stopped when I got to them, so it is hard to tell.  Here are 2 panoramic pictures to help get a sense of how all of this is put together.  They make my classroom look much larger than it really is!

Thanks for reading about my classroom, I am going to go check out some other classrooms on Bloghoppin', I know I will get some great ideas, and I still have a week to put them in place!  Have a great year!


  1. As a music teacher, I absolutely LOVE those neon guitars!! Did you make them? What is on them? Cute space!

    Sew Much Music

    1. Thanks, they were a freebie from Hope King, I got them at the end of last year and my students wrote advice for my new students. I just used the template and neon card stock.

  2. Looks great Sara! The panoramic shots are such a cool idea, never thought to photograph my class like that... it really gives the whole feel of the room :)


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