Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July! I had a nice relaxing 4th, I didn't plan anything too big because the weather looked yucky.  I did get my watermelon so I was happy!

Today I am linking up with Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera, for Saturday Snapshots.  After seeing her snapshots mine don't seem as good, but I still like them.  Make sure to click on the picture at the end of the post to go back to see what others are taking photos of this week.

This picture I posted on Instagram yesterday is a teaser for my Monday Made It.  Hopefully I will finish it, I need to spray paint some more but the humidity isn't agreeing with the paint. I love how this turned out, how the tape arched so the letters seem to be popping off.  I think it has a cool 3D feel about it.

This picture I used for the photo challenge on Instagram last week.  I didn't "take" these photos last week but I made the collage last week, so I figured thats good because I like how the collage turned out.  In the top left we have Daisy, she is the mother of Penny, who is in the top right.  We had the father Donald as well but lost him recently :( In the bottom Penny is on the left and Daisy is on the right. It is very hard to get them in the same picture, they are always next to each other but when they see me they tend to want to play not take pictures. 

Each post I make during my Birthday Giveaway I wanted to take time to thank and highlight   those who donated to the giveaway.  Today I would like to thank Marissa, from Inspired Owl's Corner who has donated a winners choice item from her Teachers Pay Teachers store

I would also like to thank Amber, from Peppy Zesty Teacherista who has donated her Call in the Pros (Pronoun center)Idiom of the Week, and Divisional Donuts! from her Teachers Pay Teachers store

I am honored to have them donate to my giveaway, please take a minute to visit their websites and stores. You won't be disappointed!  To see what everyone donated to the giveaway click here.  

Thank you once again to Miss Nelson for hosting Saturday Snapshots. Click on the picture to see who else links up. 


  1. Your furbabies are just too cute. I like the collage you made. The bottom picture is awesome of both of them looking at you!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Daisy and Penny are precious. I'm loving the pictures. Thanks for linking up.

  3. If I could do anything for my birthday, I would spend the time with my sister who is far away.


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