Friday, June 20, 2014

Five For Friday- June 20th

Its been a while since I have had the time for a Five for Friday, but with school being out I had to find the time to share.  

(ONE) I was thinking about having a giveaway for my birthday (July 8).  Last year I was in a car accident on my birthday so I spent most of it in the ER.  It messed with a lot of my summer, so this year I want it to be better.  If you would like to help by donating something to the giveaway send me an email or leave a comment (with your email) so I can get in contact with you.  I want to have everything by June 28 so I have time to get it together.  So stay tuned for a birthday giveaway!

(TWO) School was officially done on Tuesday, I went back in yesterday, and plan on going back later today.  Don't get me wrong part of me really loves summer and the freedom, but the rest of me craves routine.  Plus I miss being with the kids all day.  Even when they drive me crazy or there is so much to do I wouldn't trade my job for anything!

(THREE) As soon as school was done my grade partner Emily from Munchkins Inc went to the Scholastic Book fair. I know if you follow my blog you already knew this....but what you didn't know is the book Emily recommended for me.

I have started it and so far it is excellent.  One of the best parts of summer is the extra time to read. What can I say I am a nerd at heart! And it only cost $2.50 at the Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale. 

(FOUR) I have already started cleaning and organizing things at home, hopefully this will all be done soon so I can just enjoy summer and relax.  That and work on fun projects for my classroom.

(FIVE) SLANT Boxes- I had so much fun shopping for my SLANT box partner last month I had to sign up again! To read all about my slant box experience click here.  There is a link there to visit 2nd Is Outta This World (who I shopped for- so you can see what I got for her) and a link to Lessons With Coffee so you can sign up for the next one!

Thank you to DoodleBugs Teaching for hosting this linky.  Spot by and see what other have been up to.


  1. Love your sidewalk chalk idea--pinning it so I can remember it for next year! Just found your blog today through Five for Friday and am a new follower. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I read that book a long time ago and do remember it was good. I am currently into about the first 60 pages of Diana Gabaldon's book "Written in My Own Heart's Blood". It's the 8th in her series- my absolute favorite books! Speaking of housework--- I have three more rooms and I will have my house cleaned from top to bottom. (I do one room a day!)
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. Hello Hello!

    I would love to help contribute in your giveaway! I am so sorry about last year but we will make this one great! :)
    I definitely started organizing my home as well. It tends to slip through the cracks during the school year!


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