Friday, April 18, 2014

Five For Friday- Spring Break Edition

Happy Easter and Spring Break everyone!   I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share a little of what I have been up to so far this Spring Break.  My ever long to do list hasn't been done yet, but I have had some time to relax and read, clean a little, and get some school stuff accomplished. So not a bad week.


I ended out at Restaurant Depot twice this week.  If you have never been to a Restaurant Depot it is like a GIANT Costco type store. I no longer think that Costco sells bulk, its crazy.  But, when there is a restaurant in the family sometimes you have to go to the Restaurant Depot store.  Just so you know it was fun the first time, now I can't stand the store.

I did get to ride my bike twice so far this break, its looking good for later today as well.  I would have gone more but it got cold and my asthma can't handle riding in the cold :(

On April 15th I paid respect to Boston, I love that city and it is terrible that it was attacked last year.  

I finally finished organizing my clipart, ok I have an organization systems set up that will never be finished.  As soon as this was done I grabbed two more sets that I have to print and add.  It does feel so much better to be able to see all of my clipart, however I do realize I have an addiction to it!

The weather this week has been crazy, it went from warm, to snow, and back to warm.  Hopefully it will stay warm now until the end of school.  I just want the HOT weather to stay away until the end of June so we can have a nice warm, workable Spring.  Although these 2 doggies love to be outside whatever Mother Nature sends to them!

Thats my 5 random things from Spring Break so far! I have more planned for today, I am helping someone upgrade 2 iPhones later, and they are giving me the old ones to use in my classroom as a listening center.  I also have 2 activities I plan to post on Teachers Pay Teachers before the end of the weekend.  Plus I may have to put my store on sale on Sunday and Monday. Lots of Easter festivities on the way.  I am also looking into starting a rafflecopter for the first time next week.  So stay tuned to see what that is all about!  Enjoy your weekend!

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