Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday- Field Trip

Our field trip today was awesome!!!! What has been your favorite field trip? It can be as a teacher or one from when you were in school.

Click on the picture to see other bloggers Wordless Wednesday posts! Thank you Christina for hosting. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Freebie, and a Giveaway!!!

I found another reason to celebrate, I just finished this product!  It is a read the room or center activity focusing on shapes.  I decided to give the color version to my followers as a freebie for the duration of the contest I am running.  (Click here for your free color version) 

If you want the black and white version as well, it will be available on my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and will be half off during the contest.  If you want to catch my flash freebies make sure you follow me on Instagram, the link is in the sidebar.

Click on the picture to check out the blog post about the giveaway. Make sure you enter while you are there!

I am also part of a giveaway at I Love My Classroom, she is celebrating 1,000 Bloglovin followers with her friend from Looking from Third to Fourth.  I can't even imagine having that many followers! Check out their giveaway as well, maybe you can win it all :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Five For Friday- Giveaway!!!

This week has flown by so quickly.  We have been so busy with classwork and First Communion practice.  Here are 5 random things that have happened this week.

 (One) I am hosting my very first Rafflecopter with my grade partner.  Click here to go to the post and enter.   We are very excited to be able to share with all of our followers.  There is something there for everyone!

(Two) I am in love with my new clip art organization.  This week I brought it to school and a couple of my students went through the entire book.  They loved looking at the clip art and trying to remember what I had used it on.

(Three) When we were in the city this past weekend we discovered a great French restaurant.  It was very laid back and we sat out on the sidewalk.  Unfortunately I can't remember the name of it, but it is on 73rd and Lexington Ave.   I took this picture because I love when they serve food on something other than a plate.  The cutting board and pail were so cute, and that sauce was amazing.  I know the meal looks very American for a French restaurant, but I did have escargot for an appetizer.  I was also limited because right now I can't eat any dairy or grains at all.  So as soon as that is fixed I will be going back and trying many more items on the menu.

(Four) I finished a book for pleasure!!! I started it at the end of last week and finished, I don't get a chance to read as much as I would like during the school year.  What are some good books that you have read recently, or plan to read soon?

(Five) I did have a happy Easter with family and friends, I hope you all enjoyed the holiday.  Today I get to spend some more time with family to celebrate my dads birthday.  I love when I get to spend time with my family.

Thank you to Doodlebugs Teaching for hosting this weekly link up, I always enjoy sharing what is going on with all of you!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Help Us Celebrate!!!!- Giveaway

We have so much to celebrate, and what better way than with a contest!  So my grade partner and I have decided to throw our first giveaway!!!  

We have a long list of things we are celebrating:
  • Our classes are making their First Communion on the final date of the contest, so we are celebrating their achievements and the end of practice!
  • We both have blogs up and running!
  • We both have items in our Teacher Pay Teachers store!
  • We are so happy that it is finally warming up!
  • We are very excited about what is in store for us next year!
My grade partners blog is make sure you stop by and enter from there as well!

So join our Rafflecopter and hopefully you can win and find out more about us!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sale!!!

Font: KG Fonts    Graphics: Creative Clips   Border: Pink Cat Studio

Happy Easter Everyone!  I hope you have a wonderful day with friends and family even if you are not celebrating the Easter holiday.  To celebrate Easter I am throwing a 20% off sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, enjoy!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Five For Friday- Spring Break Edition

Happy Easter and Spring Break everyone!   I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share a little of what I have been up to so far this Spring Break.  My ever long to do list hasn't been done yet, but I have had some time to relax and read, clean a little, and get some school stuff accomplished. So not a bad week.


I ended out at Restaurant Depot twice this week.  If you have never been to a Restaurant Depot it is like a GIANT Costco type store. I no longer think that Costco sells bulk, its crazy.  But, when there is a restaurant in the family sometimes you have to go to the Restaurant Depot store.  Just so you know it was fun the first time, now I can't stand the store.

I did get to ride my bike twice so far this break, its looking good for later today as well.  I would have gone more but it got cold and my asthma can't handle riding in the cold :(

On April 15th I paid respect to Boston, I love that city and it is terrible that it was attacked last year.  

I finally finished organizing my clipart, ok I have an organization systems set up that will never be finished.  As soon as this was done I grabbed two more sets that I have to print and add.  It does feel so much better to be able to see all of my clipart, however I do realize I have an addiction to it!

The weather this week has been crazy, it went from warm, to snow, and back to warm.  Hopefully it will stay warm now until the end of school.  I just want the HOT weather to stay away until the end of June so we can have a nice warm, workable Spring.  Although these 2 doggies love to be outside whatever Mother Nature sends to them!

Thats my 5 random things from Spring Break so far! I have more planned for today, I am helping someone upgrade 2 iPhones later, and they are giving me the old ones to use in my classroom as a listening center.  I also have 2 activities I plan to post on Teachers Pay Teachers before the end of the weekend.  Plus I may have to put my store on sale on Sunday and Monday. Lots of Easter festivities on the way.  I am also looking into starting a rafflecopter for the first time next week.  So stay tuned to see what that is all about!  Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday- Spring Break

Today I am linking up with Sugar And Spice for Wordless Wednesday!

What do you like to do now that the weather is warming up? Just ignore the snow we had today!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Five For Friday!

It's Friday, and Spring Break is finally here!!!! I am linking up today with Doodlebugs Teaching to bring you my 5 random things this week!

(one) I let my students write on the message board, this is what they wrote Thursday morning.  I was out Monday - Wednesday, they missed me :)  The reason I was out was that from Sunday-Wednesday I was on an accreditation team that was at another school.  If you ever get a chance to go on one, do it!  It is a lot of hard work, yet it is rewarding at the same time.  You get to help another school in their quest to improve.  I met a lot of really nice people at the school, plus my team was amazing.  We joked around and laughed while still getting the work done and doing a really great job.  It is amazing how close you can feel to people you joust met. 

(two) Can I say this dessert was amazing.  I have not been able to eat much with this no grains and no dairy restriction I currently have, I can't wait until the Dr tells me I can start integrating those foods back in.  When on the visits you stay at a hotel by the school and they feed you.  On Tuesday we ate at this fancy restaurant and this dessert was so good, it is 3 kinds of homemade sorbet, I may travel back just for the dessert!

(three) I can't go back to school without buying my students some new books, after all I heard they were real good for the sub.  I stopped by a little bookstore on my way home and picked up these books from our favorite series.  The one on top came out just last week :) They were so excited for them on Thursday.

(four) Back to work, but how fun is working when you can wear bunny ears!  The 2 in the corner are doing read with someone and reading 2 of the new Who Is books.  We also had an Easter scavenger hunt and some popsicles!!! What a great 2 days to come back for, and a great class!

(five) I am so excited that I was able to get out to the lake to ride twice this week!!! I love that it is warming up enough to ride again. I can't wait until I can have my full riding schedule again.

That's my Five for Friday, have a great Easter if I don't blog with you again before that!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday- Book Inspiration

What book or series inspire YOUR students?

Leave a comment and share your inspiring book choices!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Currently- April

Today, a little late, I am linking up with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade for this months Currently.  

Listening: My house is silent, except for the sound of the dryer, which is very relaxing.
Loving: I am so excited that my grade partner has posted her fonts on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I used my favorite for this Currently, it is called Munckinprint and you can find it here. It is so exciting that she is on Teachers Pay Teachers because she is the one who showed it to me, she also showed me the world of educational blogs.  Now I have a Teachers Pay Teachers store and my own blog.
Thinking: I can't believe it is the 5th already and I haven't gotten this up.  I did download it on the 1st but never sat down to write it.
Wanting: I am dying using the PC at school, at least my friend loaned me a laptop, but its still a PC.  I can't wait to have my new Apple laptop so I can create on the go.  I am just stubborn and won't buy one when I know one will be released soon.
Needing:  I need to pack, not for vacation, but a work trip.  I am part of an accreditation team so tomorrow I have to go to another school until Wednesday.  I have been on one before, they are fun, but a ton of work.  There is something rewarding about helping another school out so I will keep going on accreditation visits.  They only ask you every couple of years, every year would be a bit much.
Hours & Last Day:  The first bell for the students is 7:50, but they start getting to school around 7:20. They go to the gym until the first bell.  We start with prayer at the 8:00 bell.  Our last day is the 17th which isn't too bad considering the snow we had.

Thank you Farley for providing us with this fun linky each month, next month I will be on time!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Week- April 4th

Its been a while since I have posted, I am sorry about that, but life got real crazy real fast.  I ended out in the ER 2 weeks ago with what we thought was my appendix, luckily it was not.   It was an infection in my colon, which was fixed with some meds.  However, now to get to the root of the problem I am on a no dairy and no grain diet, for awhile, at least 2 more weeks.  Between the belly aches and my body adjusting to this new diet, I have been tired and just haven't gotten around to blogging.  I am going to try to do better!   I figured the best way to jump start myself was to link up with Doodlebugs Teaching for a Five for Friday!

(one) On Saturday we went to see Stomp.  It was soooo much fun!  As soon as we walked in I spotted drumsticks for sale, of course I needed them so I could bang on things :)  The show was excellent, so much talent goes into a production like this.  It seemed almost effortless, but was just amazing.  I of course had to use my "teacher stare" on the lady two rows behind me who never shut up.  She needed to inform the person she was with of everything going on, and I mean everything.  I glared and the lady in the row between thought it was hysterical, of course the talker didn't get the clue.  I was told I couldn't hit her with the drum sticks either :( 

(two) This week we worked on fact and opinion, so I made a center for them to practice.  Actually for the classroom version I allowed them to come up with the sentences.  On last Friday they wrote a fact and an opinion for me on an index card.  Now they have to guess who wrote each sentence.  They had a blast trying to figure it out.  I did post a fact and opinion activity on TPT, it is the same format as the ones my kids are doing, I just rewrote the facts and opinion for you.  If you would like it you can find it here.

Here is one of my friends working on the center.  I have a color set and a black and white set to save on ink!

(three) GO NOODLE, really need I say more?  We are obsessed with this new found website.  It has been a lifesaver this week.  

(four) We have started to really prepare for First Communion.  We have been learning our songs and practicing for mass.  It is a big process, but so fulfilling.  I am always so proud of the accomplishments of our students.  To help us prepare I have my students say a decade of the rosary every day during lent.  It helps us focus on prayer, and it helps reinforce the prayers we know before our Communion.  Normally I project the words on the board so they can use them as a guide, but that isn't going to work this year.  I am going away on an accreditation visit for 3 days next week so I needed a way for my kids to pray without me.  I made this guide so my students would be able to pray with the sub. We have been using it for a week now because I didn't want it to be new for the sub.  It is working so well. They have colored on the rosary and really taken ownership of prayer.  I don't even need to say it along with them anymore.  Nikki at Melonheadz was kind enough to make me the rosary clipart so I could make this guide for my students.  If you would like a copy you can find it here.

(five) Many of my newer products have had a font in them created by my grade partner.  I just love her fonts.  She put them up on Teachers Pay Teachers this week so you can have them as well.  To see her store click here

On a side note, we had a teacher conference on April Fools Day, and after seeing all of the posts on Instagram and in the blogs, I can say I am looking forward to next year.  I can't wait to try some of the "pranks" I read about. 

Thank you for Doodlebugs Teaching for putting together this linky, stop by her site and check out what has been going on in some other classrooms!