Saturday, March 1, 2014

We had a full week!!!! 5 whole days!

Today I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for Five for Friday.  I know I am late but you will see why in number 5!

Last week I tried Jamberry Nails for the first time.  My girls have been bugging me all year to paint my nails, so when Marcy from Saddle Up for 2nd Grade posted on her instagram about a sample I replied.  She asked that we take a picture on day 1 and 7, this is my day 1 picture, I will post day 7 on instagram (follow me @sarabeth781).  I really liked having the Jamberry Nail, and the kids were so excited, even the boys tried to touch my fancy nail all the time.  I also received many compliments from the adults I see. I still have them on and even my paint still looks good, evidently I didn't do many dishes this week.  Even though I don't do my nails often I am thinking about ordering some because they were so easy to put on and it has been fun.  I think I will continue to just do one accent nail, even though the Jamberry last a long time I don't really like having it on more than a couple of days, the week is killing me now.  I loved having one "pretty" nail and the rest solid, I feel it made it stand out without being overwhelming with my "tomboy" style.  Thank you Marcy for introducing me to Jamberry and please order from her if you are interested.

Teachers Pay Teachers had a sale this week!  I bought so much clipart, I can't wait to make things.  I have been trying really hard to put more products up to sell, hopefully I will find time soon.  I tend to make things for my class and then not complete them to sell.  I am currently working on the space word sort.  For my class I had review sounds from this unit, but I am altering it to sell with all r controlled sounds.  Hopefully it will be done this weekend!  I will post more details when I have it finished.

I love book day! This week our Scholastic Books box came.  I just love how excited my friends are that there are new books in the classroom.  For our classroom I got 36 new books.  Most of them are the National Geographic leveled readers for our book bins.  We like the leveled readers to practice our fluency, and I love the pictures in National Geographic so it is a win, win!  The best part is I got all of these books for $4, I spent the $4 to move us up into the next reward level.  We had many coupons and some points, I actually had my friends helping me decide which National Geographic books to purchase.  They can't wait until Monday to go book shopping for their bins.

We had 5 whole days this week! I am pretty sure it is the first time this year, maybe even since Thanksgiving.  It was a good thing too.  Next week is Ash Wednesday and the 2nd grade is responsible for the mass, so we needed to get to church to practice.  We also had 2 afternoons of Olympic activities, and Friday afternoon was pep rally.  So we had 5 days but the routine was still off, I'll take it.  Hopefully, we will have it happen again next week, but already no because it is a half day next Friday for a teacher in service, and the weather is looking iffy for Monday :( Where are you spring?

And finally the reason I am posting on Saturday instead of Friday.  Yesterday kicked off our Basketball Tournament, we started with a pep rally all afternoon.  Right after school the PreK-2nd grade had a basketball clinic run by the 8th grade.  I went to that for a little while to see my second graders.  At 4:15 "fun night" started, I love fun night, each team plays their parents and then the 8th grade also plays alumni.  The boys play their fathers and the girls play their mothers.  I even had to play for a 6th grade girl that needed a fill in because her mom couldn't play.  I planned on sitting, watching the games, and catching up with former parents.  That would be too good to be true.  I was handed the microphone and I announced all the games, to be honest it was a blast doing the running commentary.  I had many people laughing and smiling at my commentary, I never could do a real game, I am so not serious enough.  Tournament Kickoff is one of my favorite days, but it is long.  I left my house at 6:30 AM and got back at 9:30, most of the day I was moving and talking, today my throat hurts and I am tired!  So I got home and crashed, no time for Five for Friday, until now :) 

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