Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Everything Seuss Day, and a Graphing Freebie!

Today I am linking up with Primary Chalkboards Read Across America Linky!  Today is Everything Seuss Day!  We had a great day reading Dr. Seuss stories during Daily 5.  We made the Dr. Seuss cupcake with a writing activity that is pictured above.  It came from Linda Kamp at Around the Kampfire, I purchased it during the TPT sale!  We had a blast, and they look adorable in the hallway!  I also made a quick graphing activity with It's a Silly World (Read Across America) clipart from The 3AM Teacher.  I am adding this activity as a freebie to this post, maybe you are doing graphing as well and can use it as a quick activity this week. Click on this link to get it https://www.dropbox.com/s/jsq6y4f6wf3a58p/Freebie%20Dr.%20Seuss%20graph.pdf if I did it wrong someone please email me to let me know how to share.  I am using blogger if that helps :) Here is a screen shot of the activity, the file included a credits page as well. 

 I hope you can use it!

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