Sunday, March 16, 2014

Melonheadz Addict & A Huge Giveaway!!!

It is official, I am a Melonheadz Addict!  I also like and use other clipart, but is very exciting to be apart of the Melonheadz club!

Carrie over at Anchored In 3rd Grade is having a 1,000 Instagram Followers Giveaway!!!  She is giving away so many items, it is just great.  There are 4 giveaways to win!  I even donated one of my items to her for her celebration.  You can win my Comparative Endings activity! This is my first time participating in a giveaway and I am so proud to be a part of it!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Our Week

This weeks Five for Friday with Doodlebugs teaching is going to have to be a quick one, I pinched some nerves in my neck and it hurts to type.  We had fun this week so I just had to share, even with the pain.

We had our Unit test this week, so I made a fun space sort activity with all of the phonics sounds we worked with during the unit.  I have changed the words to make it an r-controlled vowel sort, hopefully I will be able to get it up this weekend.

Tuesday I had after care and if finally felt like Spring.  We had the kids outside for over 2 hours, these 2 gentlemen needed a rest at one point.  They were too cute!  Unfortunately the next day the temperature was back to being in the low 30's and we had ice again on Thursday. But we are enjoying the sunshine when we can!

With the Unit test there are no Reading workbook pages or stories, we used the extra time to really go over each part of the Daily Five.  We took one part every day and really went over and practiced the expectations again.  I think it is important to do this every once in a while and Unit test week just seems like the perfect time for a refresher.

We just love the books from the Who Was series! I bought some more on Tuesday night, and the new ones that came out on Thursday, I bought those too!  I just love how into them my kids are this year.  They keep bringing up facts about the people and events they are reading about, they are even comparing them to other people they are reading about.  I love hearing them discuss these facts randomly over lunch! I just wish I heard about this book series sooner!
Needless to say I NEEDED to encourage this behavior farther!  In these pictures you will see the start of our timeline.  We are taking our giant board in the back and tuning it into a time line of the people in the books we currently have.  As we get more books we will add to the time line.  I wrote each name down and my friends went to the time lines in the books and wrote down when they all were born and when they died.  Currently we have over 60 books! If you look at the larger picture you can see some of the pile they are working from on the table.  Of course we had to pause to look at what Queen Elizabeth wore, they were fascinated by the layers of items she wore under the dress!  I am hoping to get this done by the end of next week, they want to be a big part of it so it may take longer to get up then I hoped.  I will keep you posted.  As we progress it will go up on Instagram, my name is sarabeth781 if you want to follow along. 
Of course my week isn't complete without my friend from upstairs hanging out with me after school at least once a week!  

That's it for this week, be on the look out for a freebie this weekend on the Space R-Controlled vowel sort.  I will probably post it on Instagram! Check out Doodle Bugs Teaching and see what some other classrooms are up to this week! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Five For Friday- Read Across America Week!

It's Friday!!! This week was a blast with Read Across America Week! We also had a basketball tournament, Ash Wednesday, and the start of Lent leading to a very busy week! I am linking up with Doodlebug Teaching for this weeks 5 For Friday!

This week our school basketball tournament is in full gear, to bring the fun to our room one of our must do centers was basketball themed.  We had to sort the basketballs on the court based on if they contained a verb or an adverb.  We then recorded our answers, and wrote 5 sentences.  If you would like them for your classroom you can find them on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  The item is called Adverb and Verb Basketball Sort.  It will be great for March Madness!

Read Across America  is a fun week to be in any elementary school.  I blogged a little about it earlier in the week.  Here is a picture of what we did Tuesday.  We read Dr. Seuss stories, made a craft, and completed a writing assignment in honor of Dr. Seuss.  We had a blast!
Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, so we went to church :)  The second grade was in charge of this mass, so we did all the readings in church.  We have been practicing and the kids did an excellent job.  At 7 I don't think I would have been that computable reading in front of a packed church waiting to get ashes.  Now we start preparing for First Communion!

As a culminating activity for Read Across America we had book reports due today.  The students also got to dress up as a character from their book, I would post them but they lose something when I blur the faces, sorry.  My class loves standing in front of the class and reporting on books, they even asked today when the next report was going to be.  
 My grade partner texted me last night that she was going to be Pete the Cat, I had nothing, luckily my little brother had a Where's Waldo shirt that I borrowed.  He also had this little Waldo stuffed animal that I hid in my classroom.  Whats better is they couldn't find it, so I told the principal, and he walked in and asked them what they were doing.  He listened and said oh this Waldo and picked it up out of the book box.  The kids went nuts because they looked for it all snack and half of recess until he walked in.  Needless to say he now has it and said it will turn up back in the room eventually!  I love when the principal gets involved in a fun way!

For number 5 I have a Mac App recommendation for you.  I listen to some Mac podcasts and this app came up today so I thought I would check it out.  It is called Ultra Character Map, you can read more about it here.   The reason I like it is because you can type something and see how it will look with all your fonts.  It will also let you print out font catalogs, which is something I wanted to do anyway to track my fonts.  I was dreading doing this by hand, thinking I had to open power point type something, change the font and do this for all my fonts.  This did it in 10 seconds :) the best part is this $10 app is 80% off until Sunday.  I in no way know this app or the makers of this app, I just heard it recommended on the MacBreak podcast that aired last Tuesday (it wasn't on sale then). I listened today and immediately downloaded, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it was $2 instead of $10.  I have only briefly used it but I am seeing the value in it already.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Everything Seuss Day, and a Graphing Freebie!

Today I am linking up with Primary Chalkboards Read Across America Linky!  Today is Everything Seuss Day!  We had a great day reading Dr. Seuss stories during Daily 5.  We made the Dr. Seuss cupcake with a writing activity that is pictured above.  It came from Linda Kamp at Around the Kampfire, I purchased it during the TPT sale!  We had a blast, and they look adorable in the hallway!  I also made a quick graphing activity with It's a Silly World (Read Across America) clipart from The 3AM Teacher.  I am adding this activity as a freebie to this post, maybe you are doing graphing as well and can use it as a quick activity this week. Click on this link to get it if I did it wrong someone please email me to let me know how to share.  I am using blogger if that helps :) Here is a screen shot of the activity, the file included a credits page as well. 

 I hope you can use it!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Basketball Sort and Read Across America Week Linky

I posted a new product on my Teachers Pay Teachers site today!!! It is an adverb and verb sort.  I am using it as a must do in my Daily 5 word work this week.  You can use it as a center, a small group lesson, an early finisher activity, or any way you see fit.  So far my students are enjoying the activity.  They have to sort the basketballs on the court, adverbs go on one side and verbs go on the other side. After they sort they need to record the words on the recording sheet and write 5 sentences on the back.  I purposely had them record in boxes instead of lines so I can use as many basketball cards as I wanted to meet each students needs.  

I also wanted to link up with Primary Chalkboard for the Read Across America Week Linky! I can't guarantee that I will be able to do every day, but I am going to see what I can get in.  Today is Favorite Children's Author and Books.

My favorite children's author is not one I read in my classroom. If the students have read it I will discuss it with them, but it is above my grade level.  My favorite children's author is J.K. Rowlings, for many reasons.  Not only are her books great, but she has been an excellent role model.  She shows what hard work and following a dream can do.  
I discovered the Harry Potter Series when I was in college.  I went to see the first movie with a friend, and they wouldn't tell me what happened next.  So, I went home and borrowed my little brothers books and read them all in a week.  After that whenever a new book or movie was to be released I would reread the series.  I still will read, listen to, or watch Harry Potter when I need that comfy feeling.  The amazing thing is before Harry Potter I HATED reading.  I would do the bare minimum that was required and that was it, I could not stand sitting and reading.  Since I was introduced to this magical world I absolutely love reading.  I will even tell my students my story so they know it only takes one book to turn your life as a reader around.  They know I now read whenever I can, and they know that I listen to books on my 40 minute each way commute to school. They think it is funny that I always have 3 books going, one paper, one digital, and one audio.  I hope I can inspire them to love reading as no teacher was able to inspire me.  They did try, I give them credit, but sometimes its the book that inspires!

In my classroom I don't have a favorite author, I just can't pick.  I do know we absolutely love reading in my room.  I try to foster that love of reading and show my excitement about reading.  I have found a new (to me) series this year that my kids are absolutely enthralled with.  
It is the Who Is series, yes I do have Who Is J.K. Rowling? in my classroom, and most of my students have read it because they know I love her.  It is amazing how they come up to me with facts about her. I also love Apple so I have Who was Steve Jobs? and to be fair I have Who is Bill Gates?.  I just love when they compare Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, I do point out that Jobs was nuts and Gates does wonderful things for humanity.  They do love how Jobs was his own person and the products he helped create.  I have now purchased over 40 of these books for my classroom, I can't help it, they are so excited.  I don't know if my class is just that into non-fiction or if other classes will get into these books as well.  If my next class is into them half as much as this years class it is still a win.  This series is definitely worth a try!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

We had a full week!!!! 5 whole days!

Today I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for Five for Friday.  I know I am late but you will see why in number 5!

Last week I tried Jamberry Nails for the first time.  My girls have been bugging me all year to paint my nails, so when Marcy from Saddle Up for 2nd Grade posted on her instagram about a sample I replied.  She asked that we take a picture on day 1 and 7, this is my day 1 picture, I will post day 7 on instagram (follow me @sarabeth781).  I really liked having the Jamberry Nail, and the kids were so excited, even the boys tried to touch my fancy nail all the time.  I also received many compliments from the adults I see. I still have them on and even my paint still looks good, evidently I didn't do many dishes this week.  Even though I don't do my nails often I am thinking about ordering some because they were so easy to put on and it has been fun.  I think I will continue to just do one accent nail, even though the Jamberry last a long time I don't really like having it on more than a couple of days, the week is killing me now.  I loved having one "pretty" nail and the rest solid, I feel it made it stand out without being overwhelming with my "tomboy" style.  Thank you Marcy for introducing me to Jamberry and please order from her if you are interested.

Teachers Pay Teachers had a sale this week!  I bought so much clipart, I can't wait to make things.  I have been trying really hard to put more products up to sell, hopefully I will find time soon.  I tend to make things for my class and then not complete them to sell.  I am currently working on the space word sort.  For my class I had review sounds from this unit, but I am altering it to sell with all r controlled sounds.  Hopefully it will be done this weekend!  I will post more details when I have it finished.

I love book day! This week our Scholastic Books box came.  I just love how excited my friends are that there are new books in the classroom.  For our classroom I got 36 new books.  Most of them are the National Geographic leveled readers for our book bins.  We like the leveled readers to practice our fluency, and I love the pictures in National Geographic so it is a win, win!  The best part is I got all of these books for $4, I spent the $4 to move us up into the next reward level.  We had many coupons and some points, I actually had my friends helping me decide which National Geographic books to purchase.  They can't wait until Monday to go book shopping for their bins.

We had 5 whole days this week! I am pretty sure it is the first time this year, maybe even since Thanksgiving.  It was a good thing too.  Next week is Ash Wednesday and the 2nd grade is responsible for the mass, so we needed to get to church to practice.  We also had 2 afternoons of Olympic activities, and Friday afternoon was pep rally.  So we had 5 days but the routine was still off, I'll take it.  Hopefully, we will have it happen again next week, but already no because it is a half day next Friday for a teacher in service, and the weather is looking iffy for Monday :( Where are you spring?

And finally the reason I am posting on Saturday instead of Friday.  Yesterday kicked off our Basketball Tournament, we started with a pep rally all afternoon.  Right after school the PreK-2nd grade had a basketball clinic run by the 8th grade.  I went to that for a little while to see my second graders.  At 4:15 "fun night" started, I love fun night, each team plays their parents and then the 8th grade also plays alumni.  The boys play their fathers and the girls play their mothers.  I even had to play for a 6th grade girl that needed a fill in because her mom couldn't play.  I planned on sitting, watching the games, and catching up with former parents.  That would be too good to be true.  I was handed the microphone and I announced all the games, to be honest it was a blast doing the running commentary.  I had many people laughing and smiling at my commentary, I never could do a real game, I am so not serious enough.  Tournament Kickoff is one of my favorite days, but it is long.  I left my house at 6:30 AM and got back at 9:30, most of the day I was moving and talking, today my throat hurts and I am tired!  So I got home and crashed, no time for Five for Friday, until now :) 

March Currently

I am linking up for the first time with Farley's blog Oh Boy Fourth Grade for this months currently!  I can't believe it is March already!

Listening- It is very quiet here on a Saturday morning, so I only hear the sound of my two dogs feet on the hardwood floors.  
Loving- I love March Madness, at school.  I have little interest in the "March Madness" college basketball.  Our school hosts a basketball tournament every March, so for me that is March Madness. It kicked off yesterday with a pep rally and "fun night" where the teams from our school play their parents.  Grades 3-8 have basketball teams for both the girls and the boys.  Last night the girls played their mothers and the boys played their fathers.  I was handed the microphone and announced all the games, from 4:15-9.  Today my voice is very tired!  Here is a picture of my grade partner and me standing in the arch that the 8th graders run through when they are announced at the pep rally.

Thinking- I am thinking about all of the clipart I purchased during the TPT sale.  My students have already previewed it and put in their requests for activities.  I just love when they ask me to make something with this clip art of that.  Hopefully I will get a chance to create some products for my TPT store!
Wanting- I am dying for Apple to release its next laptop, I refuse to buy one towards the end of the product cycle.  They typically announce in June, yikes.  I gave my old laptop to my mom and was relying on my iPad on the go.  At home I have the 27" iMac so I figured I was good.  I was good for about a year, but I started creating all of these centers for my class and TPT and you can't do it on an iPad :( I am hardly ever home, so my boyfriend lent me his laptop to use for now, but its not a Mac and it is driving me nuts.  I am very thankful to have his, even though it is a PC, but can't wait to be all Mac again!
Needing- SPRING, or at least outdoor recess.  The kids, and I  are going nuts being trapped indoors.  Normally we have some days where it is warm enough to get out at least a couple of times a week, but this winter has been cold, snowy, and bitter!
???? Oh no, not another one!  That is the answer to my question, can you guess what I was asked? Leave your guess in the comments!