Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When I was in 2nd Grade

Thank you to Susan at Happiness is Watermelon Shaped in 3rd Grade for this Back in Time linky.  When I saw it I immediately knew I wanted to share with you what I looked like in 2nd grade, so here goes.

This first picture is of me during the summer before 2nd grade.  I am sitting on the see-saw with some of my cousins.  Of course, I am the one sticking my tongue out!  It was an interesting summer that year, we moved across town, my first ever move and I was devastated.  We moved from the Sandy Hook section of Newtown to just the Newtown part of Newtown.  I loved my new house and all the kids in the neighborhood, but it meant I had to leave St. Rose and go to Middle Gate.  I remember going to school and crying every day, by October my parents had me back in St. Rose.  I guess I was destined to be in a catholic school.  

This next picture is from Disney World in December of 2nd grade, I can tell because somewhere between that first picture and here I was permed.  Yes, it was the 80's and my aunt was a hair dresser, so I was permed.  She did it right in the kitchen sink.  I don't remember why I was permed, I never was one for fashion and I am still not. In fact today my hair is in a pony tail, I like to keep it simple.  I think the perm came from my love of Shirley Temple, or my Mom, not sure which.

Fast forward to May and here I am receiving my First Communion.  My best friend Beth is also tagged in this picture, in fact I texted her yesterday to see if she had one because I couldn't find one.  I wanted to include a picture from this day because it is so much apart of what I teach in 2nd grade.  I think the kids will get a kick out of seeing me dressed up for the special day.  Notice I still have that perm.

This final picture is from 3rd grade, I included it for two reasons.  The first is notice that the perm is gone, and that is pretty much my hair now, except you will see it in a ponytail.  The second is that the picture from Disney had my older brother in it, but my younger brother wasn't born yet.  He is a big part of my childhood and was born when I was in 3rd grade, so I thought I should include him as well. 

Overall I have fond memories of my year in second grade, and of grammar school as a whole.  I hope I am giving my students memories to look back on and cherish.  If you would like to share in this link just click the image below to get to the page where it all started.

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