Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oh, what a week!

Today, I know a day late, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching with Five For Friday.  I had all intentions of doing this yesterday, and then Opening Ceremonies happened.   My randomness from the week is quite random this week.  We had 2 snow days, 2 snow delays, and a half day.  Needless to say we didn't get much accomplished outside the required elements this week.  I know I am preaching to the choir when I say this, but a week without routine is the most exhausting, even with 2 days off.

 To start my "week" I put together my new writing prompts for February, I almost forgot with all the Super Bowl excitement, not the game but the party ;)  My students were particularly excited with this months selection because I added a stuffed monkey to the basket to be their writing buddy.  Now they want to write just to have the monkey with them.  I am starting to think each month will have a new stuffed toy to keep up the excitement! 

Well it looked like I rushed to get the writing together for nothing, because Monday we had a snow day.  I did get a jump on next week and printed, laminated, and cut out the fluency cards I am starting next week.  I will post more about them as we use them.  

 We got to school on Tuesday, but I din't get any pictures :( On Wednesday we had another snow day. I am coordinating Winter Olympic activities for some school wide events so I worked on that most of the day.  When I left for school on Thursday, at the delayed opening time, I grabbed this comparison picture.

Stop the presses, are these fun engaging academic activities going on in the classroom? Yes, we did get a few read the rooms in the week, with the limited school schedule.  The favorite of the week was made by my grade partner, they loved reading the clocks around the room.  I made a nice clock that they could take with them to "help" the minutes are under the hour.  We also started an adjective flip book, it was all supposed to be done this week, now its a two week project.

I am so thrilled that the Olympics are starting, I am not as thrilled with what is going on with the location, but am proud of all the athletes from all the countries.  I feel bad about some of the stories I am hearing about the experience the athletes and fans are having. They should just be able to go and concentrate on their sports and enjoy the atmosphere, not have to worry about unfinished rooms and bad water!  Hopefully, future venues are taking note and these things will be avoided in the future.  I know the athletes from all the countries will make the best of it and enjoy the games.  I know I will be enjoying them from my house, my iPad, my phone, and my classroom :) 

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