Friday, February 14, 2014

Five For Friday- Go USA!!!!

Its time to link up with Doodlebug Teaching for Five Random things from my week. 
The Olympic Spirit it really showing in my room.  We have been doing everything Olympics.   We have been reading Scholastic News based on the Olympics.  Discussing the events we have watched at home, and what we think will happen next.
 I had a group of boys make an impromptu poster during recess to support team USA.  
 We are working on a great Olympic comprehension book called Sliding into the Winter Games, from Creekside Teacher Tales on Teachers Pay Teachers.
I have been showing events on the Smartboard during lunch and dismissal. Do any of you have students who prefer to watch on the computer screen instead of the Smartboard?
I can't wait until next week when our school wide Olympic Games starts, I am the main organizer of this so I have been going a bit crazy with Olympics.

 Our weather here has been crazy and snowy, more delays and snow days.  Ok its New England it is expected, but I still have to share.  Monday it was almost above freezing and my car was gross from all the salt and sand from previous storms.  So we went to the car wash!
The next morning it was -4, brrrrr!
Thursday we had a snow day again, we are up to 6 now, Friday would have been a snow day too if we didn't already have it off.  We got around 15" with this storm, on top of the 10 or so inches that were left over from last week.  I don't have a good "snow" picture to share.  I like the ones I posted last week, so you can see some there :)

I am having my own mini classroom makeover, and my class is so excited.  I asked my principal for a kidney table and he said yes!  We were squished trying to meet around my little desk, so this is going to be great.  It was supposed to be delivered last week, but the snow delayed it.  I finally got it on Wednesday, but forgot to take a picture.  
I did get new stools from Ikea that the students are sitting on in the above picture.  My little desk is in the picture as well.  I also caved and went to Lowes and purchased a rug.  They have 5x7 rugs for $25, so needless to say for that price I did not care that it was brown.  However it was wrinkled from being rolled so I put books and book bins on it to flatten it.  Some of my friends were so excited when they came in they jumped over the bins and books and had to test out the carpet.  All day that sat in the middle of the bins to be on the new carpet, I think its safe to say they like it. 

 President Lincoln came to our school, on his birthday!  How lucky are we that the president came to visit us.  It was a good presentation, this company does a good job with their presentation.  The Lincoln actor was very good at bringing the history to a level that didn't go over their heads.  They really enjoy when the presenters come to school.  Well they usually like when they come, every once in a while you get a dud.

All I have to say for number 5 is that one should not leave their phone unattended unless they want it full of selfies.  I could only do this with this student because I am friends with her mom, and the teacher's phone we did this to is friend with the family as well. I also got permission to post it.

So here is the glimpse into my week, I hope you enjoyed it.  Come back next week to see how we handle Valentine's day on Tuesday, and the start of the school wide Olympics.  I will also have a photo with my new table in it.  

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