Friday, February 21, 2014

A Crazy Fun Week

I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for this weeks Five for Friday! It was a crazy fun week, enjoy. 

On Monday we took a quick trip up to Boston, it made for a fun weekend, New York City on Friday and Boston on Monday (our winter break this year was the Friday and Monday). One of the great thing about CT is either city is a day trip and they are both so different and fun!
We took it easy and went to Quincy Market for lunch.  In the area with tables to eat we saw the piano in the picture above, I thought it was neat how the records were all over it.  Unfortunately anyone can play it, at any time, and the gentlemen who decided to play it wasn't good, and he sang loudly.  I can tell you tables cleared quickly!  Also, for the first time I noticed through the doorway the little spot that sold cookies called The Boston Chipyard, for some reason I thought the name was great so I took a picture.

Our main attraction for the day was the Aquarium, it was my first time at the Boston Aquarium.  Normally when we go we wander the streets and see what happens. I love to follow the red line :)  However, like in most the country it was freezing and snowy, so we decided to do something indoors.  I loved all the penguins and the fish, but my favorite were the sea turtles!  Of course after seeing all the fish we walked next door to Legal Seafood for dinner.  The waitress even carded me at 32!  She looked at my age and said "Oh my, I never would have guessed that"

Well on Tuesday we had our 7th snow day!  I am done with snow days.  I received my first Erin Condren product in the mail on Saturday and I promised my grade partner I would open it with her.  On the way to Boston, we were texting, and she said I can open it without her because it was killing me.  So with no school I opened it, and I love it.  Right now it is on my shelf waiting patiently for next summer when I start planning for next year.  It was on sale for loving teachers so I grabbed it now since I was planning on buying over the summer. 

With no school I also had time to dig out these pictures of when I was in 2nd grade to participate in a linky.  If you want to see more about it you visit my blog post from Tuesday :)

We finally had school Wednesday so we celebrate Valentine's Day.  I received jewelry, a rose, and candy from my students, what more can a girl ask for? I also purchased a "craft" from JoAnn's Fabrics, it was simply a bag with pipe cleaners, goggly eyes, and pom poms.  I dumped the bag on the table and let them go at it after we exchanged cards, and they went nuts!   They created all sorts of things until lunch, and continued through indoor recess, they only stopped because they used it all.  I was really impressed with the detail and creativity that my students showed, both the girls and boys were throughly engaged, with no directions except GO!

We also started our school wide Olympics on Wednesday, so all afternoon was that.  But, we did manage to get some daily 5 in, and candy heart graphing done.

We have officially started our school Olympics! So far the kids and teachers are having a blast.  On Wednesday I gave each team a large piece of paper and they had to create a team banner.  Above you can see team USA working on theirs.  They are now all hanging in our gym along with posters our 8th graders made to represent all the sports in the Winter Olympics.  
On Thursday, we had the games part of the Olympics.  Each team filtered through 7 activities in different rooms, in each room they competed with another team.  I have some pictured above.  In the first picture the whole team (18 pre-k-8th grade students) had to fit in the square taped on the floor.  They found it easier to pick the younger kids up.  In the middle picture the 2 teams have to build a block tower, the tallest block tower at the time of the buzzer won.  I also have a picture of the marble run.  In that one they had to have the marble run across the room using the pieces of foam pipe.  I wish I had a picture of the speed skating, it was adorable, they had to slide across the room and back with a piece of polar fleece under each foot.  
We have 2 more events next week.  I do miss not having a team because I am trying to make sure it runs smoothly, but it is fun being able to see all the teams have fun.

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