Friday, January 17, 2014

For my first official blog post I thought it would be fun to do the link party from Doodle Bugs Teaching.  This is my favorite link parties to read, I also liked the ones about the elves! I love to see a glimpse into everyones week.  So here is my week:

Like so many I spent time last weekend with my trusty laminator!  I laminated the center on verb tenses that I created for my students.  They had a lot of fun with them this week!  It is so great when you see them enjoying learning with something you created.

My friends had so much fun with the subtraction scoot freebie I found on Katie Kings TPT store !
In Science we got together with the other second graders and did a little standard and nonstandard measurements with a snowman activity found on A Day In First Grade. We also measured temperature, and talked about Mass Vs. Weight.

 We will be receiving the sacrament of reconciliation next week, so we went to church today to see where all of our sins will be forgiven.  One of my friends was confused on the homework last night, I thought the answer was adorable :)
Oh what fun bake sale day is in a catholic school.  We have baked goods and a raffle.  I even won $10 this time around.  Luckily we only have this excitement 9 times a year.

I guess that is it for my first official blog post.  I had to do one during set up but I don't think that really counts.  I did want to take a moment to thank my grade partner for inspiring me to create my blog and my TPT store, I know it is going to be a great adventure.  I also wanted to thank Emily at Blogaholic Designs for helping me with my blog design, you can find her link in the footer, she is really nice and understanding. 

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